Cuddles in the level.

This is the final level of HTFA 1.


The level consists of a large boss room. On the bottom section, there are eight health items (four on each side) and an extra life on the right side. To reach Giga Bowser, you have to climb up the floating platforms .

On the top section, there's another flat ground for you to stand on and two smaller platforms (one on each side) for you to safely attack Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser himself actually stands in the background, shooting fireballs, but you can damage him normally by shooting him (his head, to be specific).

Depleting his health bar will destroy his head, killing him. After that, you can finally proceed to the ending sequence.


  • Giga Bowser's appearance in this game looks nothing like his appearance in Super Smash Bros. series. Only in HTFA 3 the proper Giga Bowser look is used.

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