Water Koopa (KBK No. 006) is an amphibious combat Koopa Master created by Bowser to invade and take control of Happy Tree Kingdom. Water Koopa attacks by causing a rather small tidal wave. His offensive capabilities are augmented by the ability to launch razor-sharp harpoons from the Buster on his right arm, but since these main means of attack are ranged, he tends to be more vulnerable when fought in close quarters.

Water Koopa is known for being highly emotional and easily moved to tears. He is also prone to fits of anger, during which he will fire his harpoons around violently until his rage subsides. Overall, he is an anti-social Koopa who is not easily approachable, and would sooner take a walk by himself at the bottom of the ocean than engage other Koopas in conversation. Water Koopa also hates pollution, particularly sludge, which only serves to fuel his temper even more.


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