January 2017

Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point has been updated to version 1.0.0.

October 2016

HTFA RPG's next beta currently in development. Sound effects and music are currently being replaced.

September 2016

  • Scenery Mode (HTFA Maker) is currently in development.

December 2011

  • Planned releases for 3 games (HTFA Land, HTFA RPG: The Fire Point and Casey Quest)
  • Casey Quest and HTFA RPG are the first games planned to be released in Japanese Language
  • Magical Flaky was confirmed to be canceled from reasons inovationhtf and yudhaikeledai left HTF Fandom

October 2011

  • The game HTFO 2: Daemon is Back has been confirmed to be canceled and replaced by another spinoff HTFA: Neena's and Tacho's Dream Land.
  • HTFA: FFP will have 10 playable characters instead of 9.
  • A new game is planned by radel999, which is an unofficial sequel of Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm called HTFFA 2: Bowser's Evil Victory. The game will utilize fan characters and has more traps than the original HTFFA game.

September 2011

Radel999 had planned on making another HTFA spin-off, a game based on Mickey Mouse Mousecapade called Cuddles and Giggles Rabbitcapade. The game features Cuddles and Giggles (hence the title) in the place of Mickey and Minnie.

Also, HTFA will have its own animation called Happy Tree Friends Adventures Series. It's unknown when will its first episode completed.

UPDATE: A new HTFA spinoff is said to be planned. It's called HTFA: Fura Fura Power!. The game will be based on Mega Man & Bass (also known as Rockman & Forte in Japan), and 9 characters will be playable.

July 2011

  • 3 new HTFA game projects are announced by Radel999, which are:
  1. Happy Tree Friends Adventures Deluxe (a remake of the normal Happy Tree Friends Adventures)
  2. Happy Tree Friends Adventures 7: The Greatest Battle Ever
  3. Happy Tree Friends Origins 2: Daemon is Back

May 2011

  • 2 HTFA games are under works, HTFA 6 and its second spin off Magical Flaky.
  • HTFA 6 game spoilers:
  1. 6 playable characters plus 2 additional characters, Brandy and Izzy.
  2. Will include the unlockable character feature for the first time.
  3. Features special cutscenes featuring several HTF characters.
  4. Some HTF characters are now appear as bosses, like Flippy and Tiger General.
  5. Newer sprites, now each character has various sprites.
  • Magical Flaky game spoilers:
  1. Flaky is the main character in the game.
  2. Flippy is the one that must be rescued.
  3. Game plot is almost similar to Ninja Gaiden.