Spiked Pirate Level's appearance and background. Petunia is on the starting point.

This is a stage from HTF Adventures 6.


This level bears resemblance to a typical Mega Man level, by looking at the background. It's basically a level filled with some moving platforms and spiky hazards, hence the level's boss. Chasms can also be seen, so you have to be careful riding the platforms. Spiked Pirate is the boss of this level.


  • When you approach a moving platform, jump on them carefully. The platforms are small and move only on the rails. Also, the platforms even turn narrower when they go through the small part of the rails.
  • Spikes are located on the ground and on Rolling Drills, be careful!
  • Rolling Drills will only fall down if you're right under them.
  • Spiked Pirate is only vulnerable after he unleashed his spikes. Use this short opportunity to attack.

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