Spiked Pirate (KBK No. 003), also referred to as Pirate Koopa, is one of the bosses in HTFA 6 and Game Boy and a member of the Koopa Masters in the former game. While known as a Koopa Troopa in English, his Japanese name derives from Hammer Bros. (「トゲブロス」 Toge Burosu, translating as "Thorn Bros."), and he appears to wear a helmet, creating some ambiguity as to which group of Koopas he belongs to.

In both HTFA games, Spiked Pirate resides at the end of those games' first levels (HTFA 6 allows the first seven levels to be played in any order though) and is armed with spiky armor similar to a Koopatrol. In his fight against the tree friends, he either unleashes spikes to three spreaded-out directions (HTFA 6) or causes a small quake (HTFA GB). His shell makes him invulnerable to attacks. After taking enough hits, he is defeated.


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