Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6, the first HTFA game to implement a proper save/load system.

Saving the game is a feature that allows the player to keep the current game progress. This is then combined with the loading system that allows the player to load the saved game to continue from where they left off.

HTFA 6 is the first HTFA game to implement this system instead of passwords.

Keep in mind that games with this feature will leave an extra file after saving, so if a player wants to load said file, it has to be at least in the same directory as the respective game.

In the main gamesEdit

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6Edit

You're offered to save the current game progress after finishing a level. You can load a saved file via either the title screen or after getting a game over.

In spin-offsEdit

Happy Tree Friends Adventures LandEdit

This game uses an autosave feature, thus saving your game progress on its own after a level is cleared. Because of this, to prevent save file overwrite, the game gives you three save slots. Unfortunately, the save/load system in this game is bugged, as whenever you load a saved file, the game will be more likely to crash, forcing you to finish the entire game in one run.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures MakerEdit

Since there's no in-game adventure progress, saves are applied to the level created by the user. This can be done by using the "Save" option on the right-hand part of the toolbox. The user can reload their work by using the "Load" option on the same part of the toolbox.

Unlike typical HTFA save files, levels are saved in .arr files.


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