Reddy and Kelly
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Male (Reddy)
Female (Kelly)


Dark green (Reddy)
Light blue (Kelly)







Reddy and Kelly are radel999's HTF fan characters. They'll make their first appearance in Happy Tree Friends Adventures: Fura Fura Power!.

Character BioEdit

Reddy and Kelly are HTF fan characters created by radel999 himself. They're both chipmunks, but Reddy is dark green while Kelly is light blue. Reddy wears a red cap and shorts, as well with a blue shirt with green lines. Kelly has a long yellow hair, wears a pink bow on one side of her head, a yellow shirt with a flower on it, and red trousers.

According to radel999, both characters are siblings. However, both share different interests. Reddy prefers to hang out with Cuddles, Giggles, and the rest of the main gang, while Kelly prefers to hang out with Petunia, Neena, Tacho, Larry Koopa and Flaky. Sometimes, they can enjoy playing with each other.


  • Despite being named Reddy, Reddy isn't red in color. It might be based on the cap and shorts he's wearing.
  • Both characters will appear as NPCs on Happy Tree Friends Adventures: Fura Fura Power!.
  • Both Reddy's shorts and Kelly's trousers are the same color.
  • According to radel999, Reddy hates Bowser and all of his minions, but Kelly only hates Morton and Lemmy Koopa as well as Tiger General, despite hating Bowser herself.