Magna Centipede, known in Japan as Magne Hyakulegger (マグネ・ヒャクレッガー Magune Hyakureggā), is a centipede-like Reploid in the video game Happy Tree Friends Adventures Land. He is a former Maverick Hunter of the 0th Special Unit that was captured by Bowser's forces during a mission and brainwashed. Now a Maverick, Magna Centipede was stationed at an airship, where he guarded the Green Rainbow Critter/Furry. The tree friends fought against Magna Centipede at said airship and destroyed him.


  • His Japanese name, "Hyaku-legger", means "one hundred legs".
    • The name Hyakulegger was chosen because it was believed that Japanese children at the time would not know the word centipede.


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