Magic Mushrooms are special items only seen in HTF Origins. They're divided into two variants: Auto Fire and Spread. Only one effect can be applied at a time, meaning that if the player picks up a different Magic Mushroom while still having the effect from another (like picking up Auto Fire Mushroom while still having the Spread effect) the previous effect will be replaced with the new one.


Auto Fire MushroomEdit


Auto Fire Mushroom.

Picking up this item allows faster shooting and auto-firing by simply holding the fire button.

Spread MushroomEdit


Spread Mushroom.

Picking up this item allows the player to fire in a spread shot to three directions, predating "spread shot"-type Special Powers by two games (HTF Origins was released before HTFA 5, and HTFA 6 is the first HTFA game to implement Special Powers).

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