Jungle Kingdom's thumbnail in HTFA 5.

Jungle Kingdom is one of the kingdoms that can be found in HTFA 5. It is the neighboring kingdom to Desert Kingdom and Ice Kingdom.


Jungle Kingdom is located on a faraway island. To access it from Desert Kingdom, one has to cross the sea.

Being a tropical setting, Jungle Kingdom's beach areas are filled with coconut trees. Its weather is often sunny. However, despite its name, more than half of the kingdom are seashore regions.

Once one goes deeper into the kingdom, he/she can finally see the "jungle" portion of the kingdom. Apparently, the kingdom contains an "interesting" mix of environments, ranging from the lush jungle itself with waterfalls to dark caves with pools of lava inside. The trees in the jungle portion are huge and are in fact one of the main ways of navigation. Vines can also be found in this location and used for kingdom navigation. This kingdom's main attraction is a huge waterfall located between the trees.

The "cave" portion of the kingdom, however, contains a lot of lava. Falling platforms litter the place as well, so anyone who goes through the cave must be extremely careful. Vines can somehow be found in this place to assist navigation as well as bridges. It is implied that the cave leads to a volcano, as in the deeper part of the cave one has to climb up the cave to safety to avoid the rising magma.

The Fire Dragon can be found deep inside the cave.

Levels taking place in Jungle KingdomEdit

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