Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point
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Dunami Co., Ltd.


Dunami Co., Ltd.



Release Date

January 29, 2017 (version 1.0.0)

Game Engine

RPG Maker VX Ace


Happy Tree Friends Adventures

Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point is a HTFA spin-off. It's the first and, so far, the only HTFA game to be an RPG.


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Something strange happens one day in the town of Yucorn. After rounding up some tree friends and going to Allay's castle, Cuddles and company discover that Allay's crown is glowing strangely. At the same place, Bowser manages to break through the throne room with the intent to steal the crown, though he begins to doubt when he sees the strange glow emanating from the crown. However, not much later, the group encounters round cat-like creatures called Hopmons, which spew something about "fire points". After failing to understand the creatures, Cuddles and company get attacked by the hostile Hopmons. Once they managed to fend off against said Hopmons, Yucorn is deemed unsafe and Bowser decides to bring them along to his castle using his Clown Car in order to decide on a plan.

At Bowser's castle, Kamek reveals that in order to stop the hostile Hopmons, they need to acquire a special artifact. Said artifact is located on an island named Prince Eddy Island. To assist the tree friends, Kamek gives them a magic wand that can fend them off.

After crossing the sea, Cuddles and company arrive at Prince Eddy Island, but they can't progress further to the supposed destination, Mountain of Light, because they don't have any kind of climbing gear. So, they ask one of the residents, Narly, for help. Suddenly, the hostile Hopmons show up on the island after Narly gave Cuddles and company her climbing gear, necessitating the tree friends to hide. In this case, Narly takes Cuddles and company to her secret treehouse. However, the Hopmons are now waiting for them under the tree, so Cuddles has no choice but to use the wand given by Kamek, which succeeds in making the Hopmons flee. Once the tree friends are out of trouble, they can finally continue on their journey, but not before being given a Super Acorn by Narly.

At the top of Mountain of Light, the artifact they're looking for can be found on a pedestal. Before they can pick it up, however, Hopmons suddenly appear out of nowhere, surrounding them. Cuddles tries to use the magic wand again, but it fails as it's only one-use. So, Cuddles has no other choice but to quickly pick up the artifact, somehow making the Hopmons disappear. The tree friends then fly back to Bowser's castle to give Kamek the artifact. Little did they know that it was all a trick, as the hostile Hopmons also show up in the castle under Bowser's command, leaving the tree friends helpless. Then, Bowser calls his guards to put them in his prison. Fortunately, the tree friends have one last backup, Minttles. So, Neena sends him a short message from her cellphone to get him to rescue the helpless tree friends.

After receiving Neena's message, Minttles immediately sets off to Bowser's castle by foot. After going through several obstacles on his way, the squirrel finally arrives at the castle. There, he proceeds to go to the castle's upper level where the prison is located, but it's guarded by Boom Boom, forcing him to fight. After defeating Boom Boom, Minttles snatches the prison key and goes inside to rescue his friends, but this only results in him setting off the castle alarm. The tree friends have no choice but to go down the nearby stairs in the prison room. Down there, the tree friends are faced with a wooden bridge hanging above a huge lava pit, so they cross it only to be stopped midway by Bowser suddenly catching up to them. After distracting him, the tree friends make their run to the end of the bridge where they take off the axe that supports the bridge, destroying said bridge and plunging Bowser into lava. From there, the tree friends run out to the castle's back, while Bowser drags himself to solid ground where he's met by Kamek. Later, Bowser and Kamek go back to their laboratory in order to enhance the hostile Hopmons. Now those Hopmons are in Bowser's total control.

At the castle's back, the tree friends have nowhere else to go as it's a dead end with poisonous bog surrounding the only solid ground they can stand on. Luckily, TwinBee shows up with Elica in tow. Elica has an idea regarding how to defeat Bowser and his minions, so she takes them back to the southern part of Yucorn. At Elica's place, she uses her computer to look up information about Hopmons. It turns out that the "fire points" that were mentioned by the Hopmons are actually their home, implying that they've lost it and thus become desperate to get it even to the point of acting hostile. Unfortunately, what is considered a "fire point" is unknown, the only hint being that Hopmons like lights. So, Elica suggests Cuddles and company to visit Sabby the Hopmon expert who lives on Prince Eddy Island.

At Sabby's place, the porcupine mentions that they should go visit the non-hostile Hopmons who live in Crystal Cave and get their help as they're pretty much against the hostile Hopmons. The non-hostile Hopmons are distinguished from their hostile counterpart by their blue feet. The Crystal Cave, however, is located in Ontuigi, which is far away from Yucorn and Prince Eddy Island, requiring a transport more effective than a Super Acorn. Realizing that there's TwinBee on their side, Cuddles and company go back to Yucorn where they ask Elica if they can use TwinBee to go to Ontuigi. Elica says yes, and so, Cuddles and company travel to their next destination with the help of the sentient airship.

When Cuddles and company arrive at Ontuigi, TwinBee warns that their Super Acorn no longer works outside certain regions, so they have to ride TwinBee again if they want to go back to Yucorn. Now, since their next objective is to go to Crystal Cave, the tree friends immediately go through the forest outside the town. Deep inside the cave, the tree friends find the good Hopmons who live peacefully there. When they chat with the first Hopmon they encounter there, it's revealed that Bowser used to claim past "fire points", which is the reason why there are hostile Hopmons under his control. The Hopmon's solution to this is to find the "ice point", but to do so without being bothered by the hostile Hopmons, he suggests that Cuddles and company take a special sword first. As for the ice point's location, an artifact in the volcano located at Ontuigi will give out a hint related to it. From the given information, Cuddles and company continue their journey.

When they return to Ontuigi town, they're met by Reddy, who is surprised to see them coming back from the forest. After hearing Cuddles's story, Reddy suggests the group to come to his house as he knows where the "ice point" is. Inside Reddy's house, his sister, Kelly, is standing by. After a short talk, Kelly then goes to her computer to look up information about the "ice point". It turns out that the "ice point", instead of a rather vague location, is actually an artifact that repels hostile creatures, including Hopmons. It can be found in the Nova Forestia region. It's another faraway place, so Cuddles and company have to rely on TwinBee again. Before they leave, Reddy gives them additional items as his way of helping.

Meanwhile, back at Yucorn, Elica is all alone in her house until Hopmons show up and kidnap her. Lemy hears the ruckus, but it's too late as she has been taken away from Yucorn. Kinkles, who meets him just as he exits his house, tells him about what happened to Elica. So, they decide to go find her. Kinkles also happens to send a message using her phone to Minttles, her brother, in order to let him (and his friends) know about what happened. After Minttles received the message, his group immediately makes a run to Bowser's castle.

In Bowser's prison, Elica has been tied to what appears to be part of a torture device. Bowser begins to interrogate her, but she refuses to comply. So, Bowser decides to torture her by having his minion, Pete, tickle her feet. In the middle of the torture, Cuddles and company bust through the prison's wall and face Bowser. However, instead of fighting the tree friends himself, Bowser gets a monstrous creature called Intruder to deal with them while he himself leaves the prison room. After defeating the monster, Pete is left defenseless and has no choice but to run away, leaving Cuddles and company free to rescue Elica and get out of the area.

Back at Elica's house, Allay suggests that she should stay with Elica to avoid the same debacle. She also trusts Lemy in protecting them. So, Cuddles leaves Allay behind to protect Elica. Meanwhile, Bowser is still busy channel-surfing on his TV until Pete visits him and tells him about the tree friends succeeding in rescuing Elica. This drives Bowser angry. Pete calms him down by saying that he has overheard what the tree friends were saying outside the castle just before they left for Elica's house. This also results in Pete knowing where Allay is. Because of this, Bowser begins to plan an attack on Yucorn in order to get Allay's crown.

At Nova Forestia, Cuddles and company are greeted by a resident tree friend named Finn, who is Tacho's relative. After a short chat, Neena suddenly realizes that the information given by the Hopmons and Kelly's computer is different from each other. So, the tree friends decide to ask one of the Hopmons again. It turns out that he redirected the tree friends to find the artifact in the Ontuigi volcano just so they can beat up a strange creature that drove the Hopmons away from the location. The only way to defeat said creature is by using a special sword, hence his explanations earlier. The sword can be found in Water Cave.

When the tree friends re-visit Nova Forestia again, they notice that Finn is nowhere to be seen, so they check out his/her house. Inside, they find him/her hiding in the corner. He/She says that there's a monster that looks like a huge frog somewhere in Nova Forestia. Finn then asks Cuddles if his group is going to Water Cave. Cuddles says yes. Before Cuddles and company leave, Finn warns them that the cave is very dark.

After traveling past the lake area, the tree friends arrive at the Water Cave's entrance. Once inside, they discover that it's indeed pretty dark, so they have to be careful on their steps. In the deepest part of the cave, they overhear someone telling what seems to be a frog to attack trespassers. This forces Cuddles's party to walk quietly. Unfortunately, Nutty steps on a branch, alerting the frog robot, Gamarn. As a result, they have to fight against it. After destroying Gamarn, the tree friends find the sword they're looking for. Cuddles picks it up and then leads his party to the exit.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's castle, a special meeting is held there. Bowser explains that the Koopa Troop currently has an opportunity to conquer Happy Tree Kingdom as the heroes are still busy searching for the "ice point". He also tells the Koopa Troop to assemble the army in preparation for the attack on Happy Tree Kingdom.

Back at the Crystal Cave, the tree friends report to the Hopmon about the sword. The Hopmon then explains the sword's use and what to do once they're done dealing with the strange creature inside the volcano. And so, Cuddles and company leave the cave. When they arrive back at the town, they're greeted by Reddy and Kelly. Cuddles then mentions that the "ice point" location is actually in the nearby volcano. This surprises Kelly, until she realizes that she hasn't updated her computer's database for a year. After another gift from Reddy, the tree friends go straight for the volcano's cave opening. However, back in Yucorn, the Koopa Troop is invading the town, putting the residents' life in danger. Allay tries to inform Cuddles of this situation, but a stray Bullet Bill blasts into her hand, destroying her phone and badly injuring her hand. To avoid further risks, Allay and Elica decide to hide in Allay's castle's hidden basement. However, at this point, they have nothing else to do but to keep quiet.

Deep in the volcano, the tree friends discover that the strange creature, Jagger Froid, claims the volcano as his home. So, they get into a fight. After killing Jagger Froid with the special sword, every trace of the alien being inside the volcano becomes erased, revealing a floating blue flame that, as mentioned by the Hopmon earlier, functions as a hint giver for locating the "ice point", as it's the marker for the old "ice point". It mentions the Nova Forestia region, so the tree friends keep that in mind. Back at Allay's castle, Allay's injury is getting worse, but there are no first-aid kits in the basement, so Elica decides to go out by herself to get help from someone. She first meets Lemy in his house. When asked, he mentions that he has a first-aid kit, which he gives to her.

The tree friends visit the Hopmons' home in Crystal Cave again to report what they have done. After congratulating the tree friends, the Hopmon they're talking to offers them to have some Magic Drink which improves their magic capability. Suddenly, another Hopmon informs that Yucorn is under attack. He also mentions that the princess (Allay) and the red squirrel (Elica) are hiding in the castle basement. All this information is gathered from the Hopmons' special magnifying glass that can see any place. So, Cuddles and company fly back to Yucorn.

Inside Allay's castle, Bowser is commanding his Koopa Troopas to search for Allay. Meanwhile, Pete returns with Allay's crown, which surprises Allay who is overhearing their conversation from a corridor. Elica suddenly barges in and is shocked to see Bowser and Pete with Allay's crown in their possession. Allay also finally shows up in front of the reptiles. This is followed by Cuddles's party also showing up from the castle's entrance. A fight between them begins.

After defeating Bowser, Allay gets a chance to snatch her crown back from the distracted Pete. The tree friends then make a run for the exit, leaving Yucorn. Bowser asks Pete to chase after them, to no avail. Cuddles decides to leave Allay and Elica on Prince Eddy Island, specifically at Suzzy's house, thinking that it's safer there. But before Cuddles can continue with the journey, Allay asks him to hold on to her crown so that Bowser won't easily steal it again.

Now, the tree friends go re-visit Finn again at Nova Forestia to tell him/her that they've beaten Gamarn. Finn thanks them and tells them that the "ice point" is located at the region's mountain. Meanwhile, back at Bowser's castle, Bowser, Kamek and Ludwig are preparing a mech called Big Arm in order to kill the tree friends. Suddenly, Pete is seen rushing back to Bowser, reporting that the tree friends are going after the "ice point" in Nova Forestia. Conveniently, the Big Arm is finished, so Bowser asks Ludwig to use it to chase after the tree friends at the mentioned place.

At the top of the Nova Forestia Mountain, Cuddles's party finds the "ice point" artifact on a pedestal, but before they can take it, Ludwig in his Big Arm shows up, forcing the tree friends to fight him first. The battle ends with Ludwig flying away before getting caught in his mech's explosion. Now, Cuddles is free to take the artifact. Conveniently, TwinBee shows up to take the tree friends back to Ontuigi.

Meanwhile at Prince Eddy Island, Allay and Elica is unable to handle Suzzy's horrible singing, causing them to leave her house. Back at Ontuigi, Cuddles and company go back to the volcano to place the "ice point" artifact on its old spot marked by the blue flame. However, after placing it, this triggers the volcano to erupt, necessitating total evacuation of the whole town. Cuddles's party decides to take shelter at the Hopmons' home, where they also meet the Ontuigi residents Reddy, Kelly and Eddie. Since the three have nowhere else to go, Cuddles offers them to stay at Prince Eddy Island, which they agree. With the help of TwinBee, the tree friends fly to the island. There, they go straight to Narly's house, where Reddy, Kelly and Eddie decide to stay at. Meanwhile, Neena decides to check Suzzy's house, revealing that only Suzzy is left there and Allay and Elica have probably gone to Hill of Flowers. This makes Neena and her friends worry, and so they go for the hill. At the top of said hill, Allay and Elica seem unharmed until they accidentally disturb Petey Piranha who lives there, causing them to be held hostage. Fortunately, Cuddles's party, despite being late, manages to reach the hilltop and take down Petey Piranha, thus rescuing the girls.

Back at the town, Cuddles tells Allay the good news ("ice point" returned) and the bad news (Ontuigi flooded by lava). Meanwhile, Bowser is met with an injured Ludwig, who tells him the bad news. Suddenly, Pete shows up to report his findings to Bowser, telling him about Ontuigi being destroyed by lava and Eddie's current location. So, Bowser immediately prepares his army to invade Prince Eddy Island in order to capture all the residents there. At the Crystal Cave, two Hopmons are chatting with each other, talking about finding Cuddles and his friends. It ends with one of them leaving for Prince Eddy Island. Back at Prince Eddy Island, the tree friends are surprised by the sudden appearance of Bowser's airship. Hostile Hopmons then come out from the ship. They're about to attack the surprised tree friends until the Hopmon from before knocks them back, giving the tree friends a chance to flee. He tells Cuddles and company to leave for Lunavut immediately as the Ice Cave is located there and the crown is needed there.

Upon arriving at Lunavut city, Allay and Elica immediately run forward, so Cuddles's party has to go after them. They end up in Lumpy's house. There, Cuddles asks Lumpy where the Ice Cave is. Lumpy, being dumb as usual, doesn't know. Suddenly, Flippy shows up, telling the group that he knows Ice Cave's location. So, Cuddles's party follows Flippy, while Allay and Elica stay at the city to avoid trouble. Back at Prince Eddy Island, Bowser has succeeded in invading the place, but his army can't find any traces of Cuddles's group. So, Pete suggests Bowser to send off Larry and Iggy to Lunavut.

At the cave's entrance, Cuddles's party thanks Flippy for escorting them before entering. Right after they left, Flippy is suddenly shot by an arrow that puts him to sleep. It's the work of Larry and Iggy. And with that, Flippy is held hostage by Larry, while Iggy follows Cuddles's party.

In the deepest part of the cave, Cuddles and company discover a symbol on the cave's floor which marks the location as the "fire point". Cuddles then places Allay's crown on the symbol, but before it can completely take effect, Iggy shows up from behind his group and manages to snatch the crown with the help of Boos. So, the tree friends have no choice but to chase Iggy, who runs back to the cave's entrance. Outside, however, they're greeted with Larry and the helpless Flippy. The Koopaling then proceeds to pop the balloon he's holding, causing Flippy to flip out. As if under Larry's command, the flipped out Flippy attacks Cuddles's party.

After reverting Flippy back to his normal state, Flippy considers visiting the hospital for mental treatment, so he rushes back to the city, leaving Larry frustrated and then running away. At Bowser's castle, Larry and Iggy report their success to Bowser, meaning that Bowser is ready to conquer the whole world. Back at Lunavut, Flppy has just been treated at the hospital. Allay happens to visit him. During the chat, Allay considers calling Lemy to help Cuddles's party. Meanwhile, Cuddles and his friends visit Pop and Cub in their house. Pop decides to help them by giving them a Hyper Potion of Life. Not only that, he also allows them to ride his Yoshi for a quicker transport. Back at the hospital, Lemy has arrived and goes to visit Flippy there. Flippy asks him to help out Cuddles's party in order to recover Allay's crown from Bowser. At the same time, however, Bowser holds another meeting to summon his latest creation, a hybrid creature named Ledar, who is then used to hunt down the tree friends.

When Cuddles's party leaves Pop and Cub's house, they're met by Lemy who decides to accompany them. He happens to know the shortcut to Bowser's castle, which involves going through the nearby cemetery. Fortunately, the trek is made easier with the help of Yoshi who stands by near the cemetery's entrance. However, before the group can even find the secret entrance, they're stopped by Ledar who appears right in front of them, forcing them into a tough fight. After defeating him, he's destroyed for good, opening the path to the secret entrance. Unfortunately, Pete, who kept his eye on Ledar, watched the whole thing, so he runs away as soon as the tree friends spot him. Meanwhile, Allay and Elica are playing with Lumpy's animal collection until Hopmons break into the building and kidnap them both, their screams alerting Cuddles's party. When the group comes back, it's too late. In Lumpy's animal house, all of his animals are gone as a result of the Hopmons scaring them. There are no traces of Allay and Elica as well, so Cuddles and company have to go back to the secret entrance again to rescue the girls.

Inside Bowser's castle, the tree friends don't notice they're being watched by security guards via hidden camera. Fortunately, before the guards can do anything, they're shot by sleep arrows. Meanwhile, Bowser is looking for Pete. Pete then shows up rushing towards him with a worried face, implying failure in killing the tree friends. Suspecting that the tree friends have entered the castle from the secret pipe, Bowser requests Pete to pull the nearby lever to trigger a trap. Said trap sends Cuddles and company to an underground dungeon which they have to traverse through to get out. Once they've done so, they immediately rush to the prison, which is guarded by Boom Boom as usual. This time, however, Boom Boom transforms into a four-armed version of him called Goro-Boom, making the fight against him tougher.

After taking down Goro-Boom, Cuddles's party immediately releases Allay and Elica from their cell, triggering the alarm again in the process, thus forcing them to rush out and jump down to the castle's front yard. Unfortunately, the bridge has been removed, leaving them with no way to escape. After yet another fight against Bowser, he's suddenly shot by another sleep arrow. It's revealed that Flippy was the one who has been firing those arrows in the castle. He happens to travel to the castle via his car, so the tree friends can finally escape quickly with his help. Later, Bowser wakes up in his room and is angered at his army's failure. Kamek then introduces him to a device called Super Grower which allows him access to his Giga form.

Back at the city, Lemy bids farewell to Cuddles and company since his job is done. And so, the group goes back to Ice Cave to finally set the crown there for good. Since there's no more interruption, the crown takes effect when it's placed on the symbol located in the cave. And so, the power of both "fire point" and "ice point" is rising. Meanwhile, Elica gets a call from Reddy who asks about the current situation.

With the power of both points awakened, the Hopmons trust the tree friends with an artifact called Fusion of Points which require said power to work. They're tasked to put it in the Space Palace which is located on the Moon. So, the tree friends prepare themselves with enough supplies to survive in the outer space before they fly there using TwinBee. On the Moon, TwinBee lands near the Space Palace. The palace requires the Fusion of Points to temporarily remove the mysterious seal protecting the building. There, Cuddles's party has to solve puzzles to obtain orbs that, when all four of them are gathered in the main hub of the palace, they'll gain access to the northern room where they can place the Fusion of Points.

Once the group has gained access to the northern room, they walk inside, but before they can place the artifact there, they're interrupted by Bowser and his army, also having the Fusion of Points snatched from Cuddles's hands in the process. The tree friends then end up being captured and kept in Bowser's spaceship's prison. Luckily, Neena finds a passage that allows them to escape, though this takes them to the spaceship's waste system, where they're surprised by a Dry Bones that is easy to defeat. From there, Cuddles's party continues upwards, fighting several enemies on the way including a Fake Bowser, Boom Boom and Pom Pom. But when they finally approach Bowser in his room, Pete activates a trapdoor that sends them to a dungeon underneath which is filled with Bowser's tough minions.

After managing to escape, they make a beeline for "glass" room where Bowser begins extracting power from the Fusion of Points, which drives Cuddles into a brief depression because he's too late to stop Bowser. After fighting Bowser in the first round there, Bowser decides to start the second round with the Super Grower active, transforming him into Giga Bowser.

Once Bowser's done for, Cuddles's party takes back the Fusion of Points and ties up Bowser so that he won't mess with them when they're placing the artifact in the Space Palace. Placing the artifact there results in reverting the planet-wide crisis done by Bowser back to normal, reverting Ontuigi into a habitable place once again, and turning the hostile Hopmons back to their good selves. The heroes then return back to Yucorn where they're greeted by Allay, who can finally continue her job of ruling Happy Tree Kingdom. At Yucorn town, many tree friends and Hopmons attend the celebration held by Allay to thank the heroes. As for Bowser and his cronies, they're punished by having them clean up Allay's castle.


Most of the core gameplay from the game engine itself is unchanged, meaning that the player is restricted to a 4-way movement in the overworld and battles are reminiscent of early Dragon Quest games (albeit slightly tweaked by adding an auto-battle feature due to the sheer number of in-battle party members). The save system is also unchanged, meaning that the player can save anywhere as long as the party is in the overworld and no events are active there.


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