HTFE Screens.png

Screenshots of the basic layout of a HTFA game.

Happy Engine Friends refers to a self-made game engine done by Radel himself. It is specifically made for the HTFA series, obviously, with every game after the first having the game engine improved and fixed. There are several versions of this game engine.

Happy Engine Friends 1Edit

  • Basic HTFA game engine
  • Near lack of mercy invincibility

Happy Engine Friends 1.5Edit

  • Slight improvement over the first version
  • Slightly improved mercy invincibility

Happy Engine Friends 2Edit

  • The tree friends' fired orbs now always travel at a horizontal path
  • Slightly improved mercy invincibility
  • Enables "mid-water jumping" when underwater

Happy Engine Friends 3Edit

  • More stabilized platforming movement
  • Enables climbing and swimming
  • Has a proper mercy invincibility
  • Updated the tree friends' sprites

Happy Engine Friends 3.5Edit

Note: This game engine used to be available for download. It came with the still in-progress HTFA Deluxe as a sample game.

  • Slight improvement over the previous version
  • Updated the tree friends' sprites
  • Adds special powers

Happy Engine Friends GBEdit

Note: This game engine is only specialized for HTFA GB, hence the name.

  • Polishes the platforming aspects of the 3.5 version
  • To invoke the Game Boy limitations, special powers are taken out from this version

Happy Engine Friends 4Edit

  • Updated platform movement
  • Adds extra scrolling
  • Updated gore effects
  • Updated sprites
  • Carries over the polished platforming aspects of the GB version
  • Allows the playable characters to run