Fire Koopa's level.

Fire Koopa's level is one of the levels in HTFA 6.


The level takes place inside a volcano. This means a lot of lava as well as flame burst from below. Moving platforms play an important role here. Flaming enemies are common in this level. Fire Koopa is the boss of this level.


  • Get on the moving platforms carefully.
  • Flame bursts (usually from the lava) deal double the damage on the tree friends. Take caution when you go across the pits and dealing with Fire Koopa.
  • Fire Koopa is best to be shot from the sides of the area to give more hits. When he's ready to unleash flame bursts, get out of the way.


  • This level contains a lot of extra lives.
  • Many players stated that Fire Koopa is the hardest boss to beat (compared to the other six early bosses). It's because of Fire Koopa's agility and flame burst attacks.