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Cuddles is one of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends Adventures series. His future bride is Giggles.

Character bioEdit

A canary-yellow bunny with pink cheeks who inexplicably wears pink bunny slippers. His white fluffy curly hair tuft and cotton tail look exactly the same. His ears move to match how he feels. For example, if he's happy they'll stay up, and when he's sad they'll droop. Cuddles is one of the primary characters in the series. Cuddles's personality is somewhat mixed. On one hand he can be dangerously mischievous and fairly self-centered. Both of these characteristics have lead to both his death and other characters' deaths. On the other hand he is most of the time friendly and caring, making his personality more complex than the others.He was seen to have multiple houses, but his official one is known to be a Hollow Tree, as it is the only one to appear more than once.

He is particularly good friends with Toothy, Flippy, Petunia, Flaky, and Lumpy. Cuddles and Giggles are also very close friends, and it has been hinted several times they have crushes on each other. His friends were Russell, Cro-marmot, and Mole.

He may look like a cute, cuddly, and sweet bunny rabbit (which is why his name is Cuddles) on the outside, but on the inside he's known as a rebellious Happy Tree Friend. His talents include extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, and soccer. Cuddles loves listening to rock music, and he was once a member of "The Happy Tree Band."

Cuddles is liked for his boldness, reliability, and responsibility to his own group.


  • Cuddles is the original Happy Tree Friend and debatably the most famous character.
  • He likes the color of pink as he has been seen with a strawberry ice cream cone, his pink slippers, his pink cheeks, and his girlfriend Giggles (who has pink fur).
  • Cuddles is left-handed.
  • Cuddles appears as the game icon for all releases except for HTF Origins (Lemy is used instead) and HTFA GB (a generic tree friend is used).
  • Among all the tree friends, Cuddles is a well-rounded character.
  • Cuddles's sprite from the first until the fourth main HTFA games are based on the HTF mobile game "Blood Money". Other characters in the first 4 releases plus the Origins spin-off (not counting HTFA games not made by HTFMegaman) follow his sprite design.
  • Cuddles, along with Giggles, will be featured in the spin off Cuddles and Giggles: Rabbitcapade.