Cub is one of the minor characters in the HTFA series. He was planned to be married to someone in the future.

Character bioEdit

A very young light brown bear, who is the son of Pop. He has the appearance and personality of a baby but the intelligence and mobility of a young child. He is the youngest and smallest character of the Happy Tree Friends and his eyes consist only of Pac-Man pupils, giving him a more adorable appearance than the other characters.

If his father's not paying attention to him, he will often be seen wandering around operating machines by himself or carelessly drifting into death-inducing hazards.

He's shown to be interested in becoming a fireman. Cub is lactose intolerant as he's seen eating the orange sherbert, drinking grape juice, and eating a popsicle. He also has a habit of drooling and cooing. Cub is usually seen wearing a little beanie with a propeller on the top; it has only been off a few times.


  • He has auburn hair.
  • Similar to Handy, Cub doesn't seem to mind (or even notice) if other characters die or get injured or even if something is about to happen to him.
  • Unlike most other characters, he is rarely shown playing with others.
  • Cub is the only character whose eyes consist solely of his only Pac-Man pupils.
  • Cub is shown riding on a Yoshi in HTFA 6 during the cutscene before Bowser's Fortress and during the credits.


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